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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

mccoySo the Washington Redskins (3-5), one of more struggling teams in football, just beat possibly the best team in football, the Dallas Cowboys (6-2), on Monday night, with a third-string quarterback. Um What? Yes that actually happened, and it is something worth celebrating for Skins fans in a year that has been mostly worthless. Colt McCoy, who brandishes what is probably the coolest name in all of football, returned to his home state, and state of his alma mater Texas, to take on the juggernaut that is the Dallas Cowboys, led by Tony Romo and Demarco Murray, one of the best running backs in the game.

The game wasn’t pretty, with a final score of 20-17 (Final OT) in favor of the boys from Washington D.C. It was, however, a glimmer of hope that the Skins don’t have to give up just yet. McCoy was outstanding. Despite an interception, he threw 25-30 for 299 yards, ran for a TD, and looked to have a calm and collected poise throughout the entire game. That’s completion percentage is 83% by the way, the highest in franchise history for any quarterback with at least 30 attempts. The offence seemed extremely confident in the second half, and finally looked to find some momentum.

Going forward the Redskins still have a lot of questions to answer, especially as RGIII is finally looking ready to play any day now. However, if Griffin is feeling even slightly unprepared, McCoy may get the start again, and another chance to prove himself after Kirk Cousins has shown to be an unreliable interception machine. This all remains to be seen, and the win feels good, but as coach Gruden said in the post-game press conference, “The fact of the matter is that we are still three and five, and we have a long way to go.”


Greg Caple is a senior undergraduate marketing student at the University of Richmond' Robin's School of Business.

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

This Sunday Oct. 25 at 5pm marks the unofficial end to a long offseason for VCU Rams fans . The 2 nd annual Black & Gold game allows Ramnation to finally move past the gut-wrenching loss to Stephen F. Austin in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

Here are a few things to watch for in the game :

melvin1) How Melvin bounces back from injury

Last year, Johnson hurt his knee in the semifinal of the A-10 tournament. He was forced to sit out against St. Joe’s in the A-10 championship game as well as the Tournament game against SFA.

While all signs indicate is that he’s 100% healthy, it will still be interesting to see if he’s hesitant at all while playing , which would indicate that the knee injury is still in the back of his mind.

Fans also should lookout for what kind of shots he takes. Johnson says he is trying to be more unpredictable with his shot selection this season.

“I’ve been watching a lot of film, and like freshman year was all drives, sophomore year was three point shooting and the coaches just want me to mix it a little bit and not be so predictable,” Johnson said.

2) The highly touted freshman class

The recruiting class of 6-9 F Michael Gilmore, 6-8 G/F Terry Larrier, 6-7 F Justin Tillman and 6-0 G Jonathan Williams was ranked the 14th recruiting in the nation by

Most eyes will be focused on Larrier, the highest recruit for VCU since it signed Kendrick Warren in 1990. Warren was a McDonalds All-American while Larrier was rated the 43rd best player in the 2014 class.

Treveon Graham has high hopes for Larrier and says he has unlimited potential at SF, saying “He’s a little taller than me , a lot longer than me but we have the same aspect where we can drive and we can shoot, so that position is great for him. And if looks at me he can really thrive in that position.”

3) Big man scoring

Juvonte Reddic graduated last spring and will be the toughest player to replace this season. Despite many Ram fans frustrations Ju because they felt he didn’t live up to his potential, his 11.8 PPG and 8.4 PPG was good for second and first on the team, respectively.  Redshirt Sophomore Mo Alie-Cox will replace him in the starting lineup. Everyone know that Mo Says No on defense, as witnessed by this highlight tape.

However, Shaka Smart would prefer to see Mo Say Yes more on offense this season, as he only averaged 3.3 PPG last season. Senior Jared Guest has received limited playing time in his career thus far but he has high hopes for this year, saying “I plan to lead league in rebounding”. The aforementioned Gilmore and Tillman, along with redshirt freshman Antravious Simmons will all compete for playing time, but all have no in-game experience.

The B&G game provides an opportunity for one of the big men to stand out from the rest of the frontcourt.

Kris Mason is a senior psychology and economics double major at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Sunday night Peyton Manning surpassed Brett Favre to become the NFL’s all-time touchdown passing leader. He now sits at 510 touchdowns thrown through the air, an astronomical number that will only continue to grow as this season, and the final years of his career continue. Assuming he plays for four more years and averages around 30 TDs a year, (a stat that could be low or high considering that the man is 38 years old) he could finish with around 620 touchdowns. At the very least I think he is guaranteed 600. So when does Manning become the best QB of all time? This is a very real and controversial question considering that one’s legacy is measured first and foremost by rings, followed by stats. He is without a doubt one of top five best regular-season* quarterbacks of all time, but having that asterisk by your name seems to imply some sort of inadequacy in your legacy.

As hard as it is to believe, we live in a world where Eli Manning has more Super Bowl rings than Peyton Manning. No one in their right mind would argue that Eli has been a better quarterback than his brother; rather this is more of an indicator as to how much of a crapshoot the post-season can be. Eli’s Giants beat Brady’s undefeated Patriots the first time around, a win that probably shouldn’t have happened. This is the effect of having a one-and-done style post-season. Now, while football is much harder on the body than the other three major sports, a lack of a five or seven game series leaves a lot more to chance than to consistent skill.

So, this considered, what would allow us to comfortably consider Peyton the best quarterback of all time? I think reaching 600 career touchdowns is a must, and a very reachable goal. Most importantly, however, is post-season success. If he can win another Super Bowl, and especially two, before the end of his career, I think that it would be safe to put Manning at number one. Now this is a lot of speculation about what’s left in the tank for an older quarterback, but as Manning proved Sunday, he is anything but over-rated.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

This Saturday the University of Richmond Spiders hosted their CAA rivals the Rhode Island Rams (0-7) for their Homecoming game, and won in spectacular fashion. The Spiders now move to (5-2) overall, and (2-1) in the CAA. The Rams looked helpless on offense, falling prey to Richmond’s tenacious defense. The Spiders forced six turnovers including an incredible five interceptions and held the Rams to only (2-13) on third down conversion attempts. Meanwhile the Spiders scored 37 points with ease.

The obvious lack of a varsity VCU football team has created the need for fans to get their local college football fix elsewhere. As a result, Richmond homecoming games have always been the place to be for anyone living in the area, and this weekend the Spiders gave them plenty to celebrate. The weather was perfect, the tailgates were huge, and the student section was filled.

Next Saturday the Spiders will travel to North Carolina to take on the Elon Phoenix (1-6).

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Another week, another new Jameis Winston controversy. This week the autograph authentication website revealed that it had over 2,000 Jameis Winston autographs. No one has publicly accused him of taking money for signing the autographs, but all the signs lead the public to assume that the signings were done on a large scale typical of a paid event.

The autograph controversy comes shortly after he got suspended for the Clemson game for yelling a derogatory phrase from a popular meme in the student union. It was likely a dare from teammates that got overblown because we live in an era of Iphones and Snapchat. The autograph incident is more common and slightly more serious. However, it doesn’t appear as if he will suspended for the matchup against #5 Notre Dame Saturday.

While the initial allegations of rape last season was very severe and should have been investigated in the very serious manner that it was. However, the latest two incidents make it seem as if the media is on a mission to make Famous Jameis into Infamous Jameis. However, the signing controversy goes beyond Winston and it is an ongoing problem in college athletics.

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